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Truth About Cancer - 08.02.2008 Article #: 2

It's time that the public know what cancer actually is, and how to avoid dying from it. Notice that I did not say, "avoid getting it". This is because we all have cancer cells in our body. Cancer is not a disease, but a condition. I will explain... You started you life as a single cell. As that cell multiplied by division, it created two cells...and so on until you are up to your current count of approx. 75 trillion cells. This replication process is almost perfect. Only 1 in a couple of million cells don't form right, and therefore become bad or mutant cells. Now, most of these mutant cells die off immediately, or are consumed by your immune system. If that mutant cell has the ability to reproduce into 2 or more mutant cells, it then becomes cancerous. That cancerous cell grows much faster than normal cellular growth, because it has no restrictions. If your immune system is busy in another part of your body, getting rid of junk food, or byproducts from smoking, then it cannot consume those bad cancer cells. That is how you get cancer. The cancer cells take on the characteristics of the tissue that they are born from, therefore there are not different kinds of cancer, just different places that it occurs. You immune system is the ONLY entity that can destroy cancer cells without harming other parts of the body. Even if that immune system is vastly outnumbered. Makes more sense to help strengthen the immune system, than to tear it apart with chemo, which in it's very nature is designed to kill as many cells as possible.

Written by:

Chris Lund

World Health Power CEO

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